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    "Vive Le Disco" & Winter Music Conference" - Spin, Mar 1998 & Jun 2002

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    Here are two articles from Spin magazine...

    The first is titled "Vive Le Disco" from the March 1998 issue. Less about Daft Punk specifically and more about dance music and club culture in mid-to-late-90's France, this article does include a short interview with Thomas and Guy-Man. Their faces camouflaged in whipped cream, they talk about their beginnings in Darlin' and the DIY making of Homework. They are still in shock that the cost of subsequent album art and videos to promote the album cost more than the making of the album itself, which Guy-Man describes "like a big pyramid, but upside down." Hmmm, prognosticating much?

    The second from the June 2002 issue has a small feature about the annual Winter Music Conference in Miami, where Thomas and Guy-Man divide their time between playing DJ sets on the beach for hundreds of party animals and reclining poolside sans-robot gear.

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