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    My Thomas Inspired Helmet Build

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    Three weeks ago I had a dream of a man wearing a suit whom had a silver helmet on, it had on the front a distinct set of red flashing lights running across it.

    A week later I was struck whilst browsing the web by the consistencies of the dream man to the Thomas outfit, albeit a fairly generic looking 60's spaceman helmet I still felt an uncanny resemblance existed. Being 28 years old I have seen the duo many times before (never in person), though apart from being amazed the first time I saw it I have never had any thoughts of the helmet before. In fact to be honest I remembered Guy's but never Thomas's as it had faded from my memory over the years.

    I have always liked DPs songs never hearing a bad one, however I would not say I am a fanatical fan and am new to the site.

    Apart from Volpin castes there seems to be few from scratch builds that have achieved a more than amateurish finish, there are several great ones, but many seem to give up slapping on layers of paint when they only needed to spot fill a bit more. I hope to do this however I have my doubts, the matrix is out of my league (I only have very basic electronic skills soldering ever 1 led is a challenge), I have never made any helmet before let alone anything which utilises resin, fiberglass, fillers etc in its construction. For now a knight rider pre-fab kit is about as complex as I can do, but I hope to throw off the missing scrolling text with a couple of other goodies.

    The helmet will be missing the scrolling matrix but will have-
    Knight rider scrolling leds
    Dual flashing Leds on either side of visor
    Audio sound level meter on visor
    Stereo audio output through ear pucks to blast DaftPunk
    External FM aerial

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    Re: My Thomas Inspired Helmet Build

    If I had a printer with ink in it I would have gone the pep route unfortunately I did not, so had to free form it from images here and elsewhere.

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