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    “El Gran Enigma de la Electronica” – Rolling Stone, January 2008

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    Hola, hay una entrevista con Daft Punk de Rolling Stone- er, sorreh, got my languages crossed there. Here’s an interview with the boys from the the January 2008 issue of the Spanish Rolling Stone. Of course, if you’re like me and most of the Spanish you learned in high school and college has since gone to your mental landfill from disuse, you’re not going to get much from this interview. However, they seem to be discussing the simultaneously uncomfortable and exhilarating experience of playing live inside the robot suits, addressing the rumors that Daft Punk is made up of 15 people, two of them female, and crazy raves in the desert and… forests? Ugh, I should have stayed awake in class.

    Click here -> download zip file -> yeah I copypasted from my tumblr, so what?
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    Re: “El Gran Enigma de la Electronica” – Rolling Stone, January 2008

    Finalmente un articulo de Daft Punk que puedo leer en mi idioma jaja lol
    (Finally an article about Daft Punk that I can read in my language).

    Yeah... ehem... I will back away slowly and leave...

    I'll give it a read and try to translate
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    Re: “El Gran Enigma de la Electronica” – Rolling Stone, January 2008

    I translated the first paragraph. I'll do the rest but it's almost 1:00am...

    Edit: Second paragraph is up, but wtf am I reading. Another Spanish speaker please verify this.

    Edit 2: OK it's making sense now. Also, roosters have nothing to do with anything...

    Edit 3: Daftnews did the actual interview. Team work!

    Edit 4: Finally done! Excuse the grammatical errors, translations are difficult.

    Someone once told me that if you see Daft Punk without helmets something terrible will happen. Like when the video tape of “The Ring” arrives and Sadako emerges from the television and by looking at her eyes you die. After years of rigorous rumors, worked gossip and multiple tests based on the infallible method of gossip-error, there have been many conclusions. 1) Daft Punk is not two people. Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Chirsto may be a collective of an undetermined number from 0 to 16, according to different witnesses. 2) According to a radical sector that distances itself from the Collective Doctrine, Daft Punk is two women. 3) The nihilistic current swears that they don’t even exist. After being with them in a well lit room and without masks I can say that Daft Punk are two human beings, male, who think and, almost surely, exist.

    There are some silver monolithic doors that open solemnly and cyclically every thirty minutes. It seems they’re started by one simple mechanism. If your turn has come, know that they’ve pronounced your name, and put yourself forward, it opens very slowly. It’s magic because, although you may be just behind the one who is chosen, you can’t see what’s inside. What’s inside is Daft Punk. What’s outside is a Parisian living filled with parisian preps that peck their little leaves of lettuce like canaries, they file their beaks based on knitted gossip next to those who peck by their side and leave at their feet tote bags from Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton, with the hopes that a neighbor trips while passing. It’s their thing, the hotel is in the Boulevard of the Bad Herbs.

    When they pass through the front door, from the mirrors you can see a profile that proves that not eating causes weight loss. Just beside is the pre-Daft Punk huddle. There’s a record label executive that nibbles on lettuce, even daring to take scoops in the vinegrette, and one German journalist receiving the frightful news that Spanish festivals last until 6 or 7 in the morning. She heroically confirms that she was with Daft Punk at Summercase and that it is rigorously true, making an emphasized phone call that it is so crrrraaaazy.

    Then comes the subject that is the masks, what are the masks, evidently. Its fascinating how a purely aesthetic question can alter the nerves so much. The question the past few days has been invariable. “Do you think that you’ll see their faces?” Mainly, no. It’s the humor, I suppose. I think the mirrored doors open like Stargate, the film from Kurt Russel, and that the interview is done in another dimension and that they are deity extraterrestrials and they are lifted into a pyramid. Then they get out to the lobby of the hotel, they eat lettuce because they are herbivores, say farewell to the girls and keep their remains in Louis Vuitton bags. The masks. Thomas Bangalter once said, “We didn’t choose to become robots. There was an accident in our studio. We were with our sampler in the morning of the 9th of September 1999, at 9:09, it exploded. When we recuperated our consciousness we discovered that we were robots.” Like the Planets would say on Un buen dia, many afternoons in the bed until 6 reading Spiderman comics.

    There’s an interview from Japan in which they don’t even take off their helmets to ride the metro, the things they do. Who is assumed to be Bangalter robotized: ”We’re covered in these things to rapidly reach the fusion between man and machine.” By then they pulled a photo of theirs with uncovered faces a la Aphex Twin in Come to Daddy, and a YouTube video from a festival in which they assure that it was really them but the camera has the party so on top of itself that it seems to be an appearance of a Marian bicephalous.

    That’s why, when I enter the room and see them without helmets I don’t dare to stare at them. They are sitting with their eyes locked on pages of scribbled rolls of hieroglyphic-catharsis after hours of interviews. Thomas Bangalter is taller, the one with less hair, the one who smiles more, the one who has a shirt with a corvette and on the scale of timidity is a 95%. Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo is miniature, with maximum hair and half a beard, the one who has a shirt with a snake and on the scale of timidity is a 100. It’s that 5% that separates them and makes Thomas the spokesman. If any part of the conversation interests Homem-Christo he asks Bangalter to tell him in French. His maximum approval is a smile towards the paper. Now perfectly fits the maximum confession of Thomas Bangalter concerning the helmets. “In reality, it all started because we are very timid. It’s the typical dream of a child who has superpowers.”

    A year ago an interview with Daft Punk would have cost more than singing a fandango to Homem-Christo. Seeing the authors of Homework (1997), Discovery (2001) and Human After All (2005) as if it were Marian appearance. Something fantastic and almost supernatural that happens sporadically. In 2006 they began to put directions with a regularity that was not from their world. A pyramid of lights and color, millions of people gone crazy. The boys who met at school and were very big fans of guitars that they started the group, Darlin’, that Melody Maker said “a bunch of daft punk” [where Daft Punk comes from] and who accomplished the miracle: to make the rock guys dance electronic and make the electronic guys dance rock.
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    Re: “El Gran Enigma de la Electronica” – Rolling Stone, January 2008

    (unfortunatly they don't specify who says [Thomas or Guy] what).
    In the first part of the interview they specify that they are 15 people in the Daft Crew, which also includes 2 girls, all of them credited as 'Daft Punk'.

    The interviewer suggests Daft Punk to try to form a band of 'drum n' bass', taking the advantage that not so many people have seen them their face, and so they can take out their helmets and try to make something different from Daft Punk. Their response if that, of course they will try something different, but not as radical as the drum n bass, "our robotic outfits have also changed, now their are more sophisticated and minimalists unlike the previous ones".

    People say that Daft Punk began in a rave on Euro-Disney. There you met Stuart McMilan from Slam and you give him a cassette with diverse demos. Question, the rave was inside or on the outsides of EuroDisney?
    -Outside, in the surroundings * laughs* hopefully it would be inside. Actually, she should plan a rave inside EuroDisney with tons of Mickey Mouses (lol wut, and yes he actually said that).

    Laurent Garnier says that when you guys released Homework the DJ stuff got into the mainstream in France. Kids now asked vinyls for Christmas, and rather than play soccer outside, they stood on their houses making mixes. So, if there's no other Zidane (French soccer player), then is your fault if there isn't?
    -Uh? But we eliminated Spain from the World Cup! We are going pretty good in soccer.

    And all those little DJ youngsters that stood at home, where are they now?
    Man, I think France makes some pretty good electronic music. And now even better with Justice, Kavisnky, SebastiAn... Every fellow of Ed Banger Records. New rave, you know.

    Well I can't imagine any of them going to a real rave. I mean, go to a field getting all over of mud, getting their hair messy...
    -*laughs* That's true. The raves of today have loosed their most subversive part. I wouldn't say their are ________ (I'm sorry but this is in Spain local Spanish, and this word traduced to mines -Mexican Spanish- and in English... it's not very pretty... let's just say he said fun.)
    But no, I imagine Justice lurking for a rave in a dark forest, following clues, finding a stream of light and a soundsystem.
    Kavisnky, yes. To be honest, it's has been a time, like ten years, that we haven't gone to a rave, although here in Paris, and Laurent Garnier knows this pretty well, Paris had very crazy years of very very crazy raves. Where we should go to revive our rave spirit?

    Monegros, no doubt. Is in the desert, more than a subsequent day of pure electronic music. On the stages you are the one's that are the most requested....
    -Is like the Burning Man, the one in the desert of Nevada?

    Yes, but without metaphorically burning a man. One of your best achievement is to make dance rockstars. But, at the end, isn't it more difficult make it happen with fans of the electronic music world?
    -Well... I don't know... In the past, maybe. I think that the best example to show how they fuse together is the new rave. You can now see kids getting crazy with the beats and moving they head back and forth like it was a Rock concert.

    It is true that when electronic music started to hit in France the rightist parties used it to be like the grooviest on the election campaigns?
    -Both the rightist and leftists.

    And if Nicolas Sarkozy (French politician) asked your, for example, Rollin' & Scratchin'?
    -No way. But neither to Segolene Royae. What we are trying to always be is be... neutral? When all that craziness of the electronic music started, our song were on every TV commercial, but no politician told us that they were going to use them, although it wasn't technically a robbery. When Jacques Chirac listen to it, he said: "Hey, listen to this song, 'One More Time', it's awesome. It's from a French rock band or something like that....". A song that could be heard a lot in a campaign was "Music Sounds Better With You" by Startdust.

    Who is your favorite superhero?
    -With our robot theme we mix two feelings, be special but anonymous. And the one that most approximates to this identity is Batman. He doesn't has any superpower, something that is very odd among the superheros. And at the same time, it isn't is pure science-fiction. It's story has a charming dramatic part. Although the thing that most catch you up it's his darkness.

    Something about the helmets, how do you see through them?
    -How do they look from the inside?

    Yes, how does the colors look, the people...
    -Oh, well is like having 10 pair of Ray-Ban, with a more darker lenses, one in front of another.

    (end of the interview).

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