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    Re: Random Access Memories Spoiler Thread

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    I was gonna do an in-depth comparison of the recent leak of "Giorgio by Moroder" but apparently someone beat me to it. Instead here's a copypaste on the pastebin, minus the fasterlouder bullcrap that was made up. Highlighting the parts verified in the leak.

    A documentary based on an interview, cut from three hours about Giorgio's life (
    Talking about getting into music and synths, and a "lovely groove". (
    Recounts the days of early pop, and dreams of drawing together everything he loved into one "meta-music" (
    Talking about wanting to be a musician in germany, sleeping in his car, and how he "decided on using a synthesiser because it is the sound of the future." (
    Recorded on three different mics from three different eras. (
    "A beat drops and we’re locked in to a pulsating motorik groove that builds to crescendo about three times over. It’s epic and, by around the seven minute mark, faintly ridiculous." (
    Moroder explains how he "knew he needed a click" and a click track duly starts a basic percussion line, then a arpeggiated synth line comes in (
    "he informs us that his "friends call him Giorgio" before the track explodes into an arpeggiated synth dream" (
    Chord structure and synth timbre sounds like Cerrone's "Supernature" ( (
    Moog, drums, strings, guitars (
    "a disco funk backing" (
    Turns into acid house (
    "A Moroder jazz-key bridge aligns itself with super crisp drums, before a big orchestral build up drops with a very breaky drum riff -- a signature of some other tracks on this album. The volume increases towards the finale of this long player with an apparent laser gun fight, and FX galore -- as they take a hit at every button on their Casio." (
    "Electro slides into pure disco into vast orchestral beauty into a blizzard of syndrums, and everything gets bigger and crazier until finally we reach the primal 4/4 rhythm of the house music that Moroder inspired." (
    sounds like: (
    A minor (

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    Re: Random Access Memories Spoiler Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by lakar2 View Post
    So Giorgio By Moroder in words:

    Giorgio monologue.
    "But everybody calls me Giorgio"
    Jazz-alike riff beign played.

    The track's leaked synth riff is reminiscent of material produced by Enigma. It's got nothing to do with Discovery aside from the compression methods, not the actual flow of the riff.

    It's funny to see people not picking up on Engima and Italo-Disco sounds in general with the leak. I feel old.

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