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    Looking for a set of Helmets for RENT/BORROW for Youtube sketch comedy

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    Hey DaftClub,

    I am currently in search of a set of Daft Punk helmets to borrow or rent for an hour or so for a Youtube Sketch comedy short. I've scoured the Orange County/LA costume shops and none seem to offer the highly specialized artistic masterpieces that are the Daft Punk helmets. We only need the helmets for a short period and at no point will they be under duress or in any danger of being damaged. (Also I have no problem making the actors wearing the helmets to shower and shampoo immediately before wearing the helmets...after all, hygiene is paramount)

    I am located out of Orange County but am willing to drive anywhere in Southern California to pick up the helmets. Feel free to post on this thread or send me a PM if you can, or know of anyone who can, help out. Thanks for your time!

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    Re: Looking for a set of Helmets for RENT/BORROW for Youtube sketch co

    We have a pair of paper mache ones:
    But we live in australia and it will cost to much.

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