Hey guys it's me again.

Well, i have all the parts to do the lights for my helmet, but the trouble is i have shaky hands, i cant personally do this myself without horribly messing this up and i need help.

I'm doing the Tekparasite way (Well i have a sureelectronics board but if anyone can do custom pcb's id be happy) but the board doesnt fit in my firewire case

I was wondering if anyone in the uk would be willing to put them together for me if i sent them the stuff, i dont know what kinda price range really but i cant afford to get them shipped and made completely by the awesome sandisk.

That and the LEDS i got sent from eBay came blue instead of red and they refused to let me swap em so it'd be a blue board.

If anyone is up for the task id be so grateful i wanna get this done before mcm expo in october!

contact me if it interests you.