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    Best filler and Primer for Guy Helmet

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    Hi just bought a FireWire v2 and wondered what the best filler and primer to get , I live in the uk .

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    Re: Best filler and Primer for Guy Helmet

    Bondo in the Uk is called P38, you get it from halfords. A small tin (250ml i think) will do you for a Firewire lid. It'll be less than £6 .There's very little work to do on a Firewire, i have one myself. As for primer, if you are intending on chroming the helmet then you MUST us 2K primer. No if's, ands or buts about it. Regular primer has too much moisture in it for Cosmichrome. 2K primer is a 2 part primer that you can get in cans, but it has a 24 hour shelf life so make sure you're happy with your bondo work before you start to prime it. Also make sure you get a nice medium grey coloured primer. The point of a mid range grey is that it shows up shadows and highlights equally allowing you to see any issue clearly. you can get 2K primer from ebay for about £15 a can. Hope this helps, you've bought yourself an incredible helmet, Good luck

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