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    Re: [UNRELEASED] Daft Punk HAA Era Demo Track

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    Quote Originally Posted by whackanalien25 View Post
    what about the other non album samples from the pack? like the two fruits and the strange mix of emotion, has anyone tried to make something from them or put them in this unreleased demo? you never know they might slot in somewhere and make it a little less repetitive i hope they do
    I tried to fit them in but the tempo and key is different... it just doesn't work at all lol. 99.99% sure the 'fruit' samples were from another project, maybe another unreleased track. See if you can math them with any of the drum samples or anything, i didn't have any luck haha
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    Re: [UNRELEASED] Daft Punk HAA Era Demo Track

    Yeah i might just have a go at that today, if i find anything interesting ill post it up here
    I have had a go at the fruits files but i can't seem to get any drums the fit quite right but I'll give it another try

    Quick Question! does anyone have a name for this track? or is there any hint to the original name?

    EDIT: i couldn't get anything worth posting, i made a short extension on the fruits files making it 32 seconds long and then but the stem beat 1 (shortened) over the human after all track On/Off they both sounded good but obviously not how daft punk would have made them
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    Re: [UNRELEASED] Daft Punk HAA Era Demo Track

    Has anyone made the connection that the unreleased bits were put into the Liquid Twins remix of Technologic !?

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    Re: [UNRELEASED] Daft Punk HAA Era Demo Track

    Very interesting. The unreleased bits were included in a group of stems for a "Technologic" remix contest, so it's not that surprising.

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