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    Crydamoure production techniques

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    Hello, fellow club members!

    I have been producing my own french house tracks on Logic Pro X for a while now, and know my way around the software and synthesis in general. I have absolutely no money, meaning expensive vintage hardware (bar my midi keyboard from 1989 :P) is out of reach, and so I rely on Audio Units to make my beats.

    I LOVE the funk and smoothness of Crydamoure productions, Raw man, Patrick Alavi and other tracks similar to that style. The smooth chords, very pumping drums and piercing bass from this genre, and I try to incorporate this into my music but never seem to make it 'click' like those artists.

    I hardly use samples, and I always write my own lines and chords, which I find more appealing. Again though, it always lacks the 'flair' of some of these tracks... The drums just seem unnatural and forced, and everything is just disconnected.

    Does anyone have tips, tricks and software to help me create these classic effects (SP1200 emulation, compression tips, the SEXY high hats and solid kicks, filters and the 'swirl' you can hear in the highs of tracks like Music Sounds Better With You), because it is really hindering my creativity. I'd love to know the secrets of a great live bass tone like Fred Falke and Patrick Alavi, because I play live bass and never find it easy to record. EQ'ing as well, so that I can get more flow from my instruments!

    Here is a link to my soundcloud for a taste of what I can do so far:

    Thanks guys!
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    Re: Crydamoure production techniques

    Hi, Fintendo!

    You can try to give your tracks a light-distorted ambient as Le Knight Club with D16's plugins (I recommend Decimort Bitcrusher and Devastor Multiband Distortion), I guess there's a Mac version for this plugins.

    About the basslines, I often use Broomstick Bass VST for Win10 and its Fender 'Precision Bass' emulation, so you can check if there's a plugin version for Mac.


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