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    Re: Question about Daft Punk @ Nikki Beach (2002-03-23)

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    Hey guys, I just contacted Astralwerks on twitter asking them if they had the two W.M.C. Bootlegs (98 & 02) And they told me they were going to look in the archives (if you don't believe me, go to my twitter and you should see it there (@Kaotik_Geek))

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    Re: Question about Daft Punk @ Nikki Beach (2002-03-23)

    I was there!
    My friend at the time grabbed my handycam and video taped some of this set... and then left the camera recording so there is some audio of the set (sounds muffled though)... and then some sick close ups... it's on miniDV so I was only able to watch in on the handycam I was about to sell on craigslist...the tape still inside since 2002!
    anyway, if I figure out how to download it i'll let you know.

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