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    Re: DISCOVERY Original LED plans found!!!! NO JOKE

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    Man, I have all these correct LED's laying around, just wish I was smarter to make this infernal contraption!
    Remember, only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise... and many Bothans died to bring you this post!

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    Re: DISCOVERY Original LED plans found!!!! NO JOKE

    It's not actually too bad, the comments on the original electronics guys page tell how the made use of existing LED chaser circuits so everything is 8 LED based. Watching the video on the lower rectangular LEDs the row of 4 is joined as are the opposite LEDs on the thin verticals, they also follow the pattern of the lower VU block. There are 4 bi colour LEDs, 2 positive pins each which happily equals 8. So a total of 3 shift registers to run the whole block. The LEDs in the ears are also run off an 8 based system.

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