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    Re: DCONSTRUCTED - Disney EDM ft Daft Punk (more Tron stuff)

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    In order to save everyone who's not listened to this monstrosity, it's basically 7 minutes of this

    combined with this

    forgive me for I was mistaken, this is actually quite good
    Other than that there are like two goodish sounding songs and like fifteen crappy ones.

    I ed up

    sorry I just really love the new censorship system
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    So let's all make peace, make love, and dance to Mord Fustang, yeah?
    I promise I'll get to using that thing sometime
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    Re: DCONSTRUCTED - Disney EDM ft Daft Punk (more Tron stuff)

    I meant Reconfigured lol, and oh right, sorry haha! Japanese Popstars are brilliant live, saw them supporting Orbital in April 2012

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