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    For Sale: Full TB Costume 90% built

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    Hi folks,

    It is with regret that I need to sell my TB costume before fully completing it.
    I have simply run out of spare time to dedicate to finishing the build. (baby has arrived!)

    It Comprises of Firewire v1 helmet/ear pucks (Visor cutout done/ 2K grey Primed & trimmed), sandiskduo1 LED full light array (not installed), L&R Firewire glove pieces (2k primed & on wire tree for painting/chroming). Marchingantz Leather jacket with Daft Punk logo studs, Leather trousers (never worn!).

    I'm 6 foot tall medium build, so jacket and trousers are in those sizes.
    Exact measurements will be included in full photos and description to come.

    As you can see, pretty much everything!
    I'm posting this here to put a feeler out to see if anyone is interested in completing the project that I wish I could have done.

    No expense spared, cost me an easy £1k in getting all the components/materials over a year ago.

    I'm willing to sell as a complete set for £700 ono.

    If I split up, it will be as follows:

    FireWire Helmet/ear pucks/glove pieces - primed & ready for paint/chrome (without tinted visor) : £250

    Sandiskduo1 Full LED visor array
    (also 2x DIY Ear puck LED array) : £300

    Marchingantz leather jacket with DP logo in studs (medium/large) :

    Leather trousers : £50

    *precise sizes of jacket and trousers will be updated when I can get to my storage space

    If interested PM me here or email me at: james.allotment@hotmail.com
    for pics and extra information.

    I'm based in U.K
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    Re: For Sale: Full TB Costume 90% built

    Awww man. Would be up for this if I wasn't building one myself.

    "And we will never be alone again...because it doesn't happen everyday..."

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    Re: For Sale: Full TB Costume 90% built

    Anyone else here broke?

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