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    Hey boys and girls,

    Today, we're gonna talk about rep. There is a lot of distress about it within recent times. I (and we as a team) would like to set the rules down straight and clarify so people don't have to worry. Take this as a little go to guide of what we expect from you when you give rep.



    Reputation |rɛpjʊˈteɪʃ(ə)n| noun

    "the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something"
    "Reputation of a social entity (a person, a social group, an organization) is an opinion about that entity, typically a result of social evaluation on a set of criteria. It is important in business, education, online communities, and many other fields."
    Now that we know what reputation is let's explain how to do it and what to do.


    Each post on the forum has a bar full of options that you can chose, if you want to give rep, you click the little sheriff badge sign and a little pop up should show up.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx vvvv

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ^^^^

    you have the choice to tick a "i approve" or "i disapprove" button, along with a little message saying why.

    however, you cannot give the same person rep twice in a row and you also can't give rep to the same post as well. you have a maximum amount of rep to give daily. I think it's about 4 or 5, i'm not entirely sure, but there's a limit. You will have to give rep to 4 other members before you can give rep to the same person again.


    You should receive a notification when someone sends you rep. "oh yay rep!" you'll say. You'd obviously click on it to see what it's about.

    you'll see a little window saying "latest reputation received" and it will include the total rep you have received. obviously the negative reps are red, and the positive ones are green. Regular members won't be able to see who sent the rep, due to risk of online fisticuffs, but mods can, so i've concealed identities.

    you'll also see the history of the reps you have sent along, and it will also display your reputation power, the more positive rep you've been given, the higher it will be, and the more negative, the less power you will have to give rep points. When you start off as a new user you'll be in a neutral stance and have a grey box under your name, you can still give rep, but it won't send points until you get rep from someone else. don't fret, someone will rep you eventually and your power might increase.

    Your digital love points also change. when you recieve negative rep, you lose digital love points, when you get rep, you gain more digital love points. the bars under you rname in each post may go green and more green boxes mean you have more rep, and more red boxes mean you have really negative rep.


    do leave a message along with your rep good or bad. people like to know why they think they're cool or uncool. feedback is important and can help them be more active or be more polite on the forum.

    do spread the love around a bit give it to newer members. as i said above it can help them become more active on the forum. positive reinforcement~~

    do still give rep even though your reputation is neutral. people will still be humbled that you thought their post is great and will probably be kind enough to send you rep back with their higher rep power so you can give rep points to others. don't be a wallflower!

    don't send abusive rep. it's not cool. if you feel that you are being sent abusive reputation messages or insults, don't hesitate to holla a message to a mod and we will sort it out

    examples of abusive rep include messages like this one which is the top one (and it's not a real one, just an example)

    and persistent negative reputations that you feel are from the same person, even if there are no messages attached

    please be wary of the difference between abuse and constructive criticism. if someone sends you a downrep saying "i don't agree with what you said here" it's not abuse. not every negative rep is abusive. take negative rep with a grain of salt if it is constructive criticism, when needed.

    don't publicaly complain about negative reputation. we expect you guys to get rep as deserved, negative or positive. you will most likely be downrepped by others for complaining about it. and trust me. it's not mods that downrep you for those public complaints, i've seen non-members downrep for public neg rep complaints. So it would be best not to bother. If you're really worried about a negative rep. ask a mod.

    don't give people rep just for the sake of it. like, if someone complains about rep and you give them rep out of sympathy, that's a no-no. we are able to see who gives and receives rep and have the power to delete reputation. if we feel you just gave positive rep flimsily because someone complained publicly about negative rep we will probably delete it. reputation is meant to be earned, not just handed out like a rich boy throwing cash everywhere. don't do those rep4rep things either, we will find out. sudden skyrockets in reputation are noticeable.

    if you have anything else to add mod team, just edit my post, or non-mods post here. I hope we're all clear on giving rep on here!

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