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    Hey does anyone know where i can find any daft alive tour t shirts?, im new here and have been searching for a while. Anything will help

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    Re: T-Shirts

    If you're looking for an official shirt from the tour, I'd say you'd be pretty crap outta luck - those that have them don't wanna part with them - I know AgentRayBans' is framed - or you'd pay a fair amount for them.

    However! 5 seconds of googling did return these shirts, looks to be the best you can get, unless you print your own..

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    Re: T-Shirts

    The real deal ones are pretty hard to come across now-a-days unfortunately; the odd ones pop up on Ebay now and then if you're lucky.

    I own quite a few DP shirts, but if you're talking the tours specifically; I gotz one from both 2006 and 2007.

    (2006 one seems to be less common for some reason)

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