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    Re: Discovery Era Helmet - Join The Project - Pre Order

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    Just registered because I saw that nearly all traces of Devin's social media crap went down. (Usually a very bad sign) Not surprised. Lucky for me I asked for a refund very early on when this project was crashing and burning in July 2015. Given the progress and updates I gave Devin another shot. Well look how that went.........

    Anyway I have paypal protection on my purchase so I should be fine. I'll let you guys know. I echo what others have said though. If you can file your claims now.

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    Re: Discovery Era Helmet - Join The Project - Pre Order

    I dont think mods should allow any more pre-order threads. This isnt the first time they have ended horribly. I hope most people can get their money back from these scammers. He even has the gall to ask for more money in that other thread!

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