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    SebastiAn hi-hats

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    Ok so,
    I've managed to decipher most of SebastiAn way of making drums,but these things,right there,stay a mystery for me.
    I've been fascinated by these for weeks and I still can't describe them,it sounds more like white noise than anything else;
    You can hear them in Prime but mostly and a lot in Grand Canyon from kavinsky which he produced.(and a bit in Walkman)
    I suspect him to basically just EQ them and just abuse the high frequency,and maybe even use some sort of distortion effect on them,and create a fake stereo effect like you can do with VST like MDA stereo & so.

    Does anybody have any clues on how he does it?

    EDIT:OK,so as I wrote this thread I thought about the hi hats in Waters Of Nazareth(sequential drumtraks/oberheim I don't remember the name of the drum machine),and I think they're the same but he just effectively distort or abuse the high frequency on it.
    sorry for the thread
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