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    I have made 2 helmets in the past; Thomas and Guy. Both ended HORRIBLE. First of all, because I could never get it smooth enough; no matter how much spot putty I've used, or how much I sanded it, I even WET SANDED it. It ended up looking like complete garbage. So I'm considering going Volpin style; all from scratch, all the way from spray foam to pulling casts. But there's three problems with that method (for me);

    1. I am dirt poor, only stuck on a budget from 200-300 dollars, making it IMPOSSIBLE to afford chroming, let alone high quality resin to cast the helmet in.
    2. I don't have a lot of time, since Emerald City Con is only 2 months away.
    3. I have a junk computer, a chromebook; so I have NO access to Pepakura (I would want to do this one the most!!!)
    I need BOTH helmets done, for me and my friend. Is there an easier method than those?

    I need some help, guys!!

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    Re: Chroming??

    After making 3 helmets 2 Guy-Manuel and 1 Thomas for all 3 I had a 500 dollar budget and took 3 months for each one I recommend this.
    I found a Guy-Manuel Helmet for $100 on eBay to be sure put down 120 and save 40 for biding , http://www.ebay.com/itm/Guy-Manuel-D...IAAOSweW5U6Ay9

    And a Thomas helmet for $200 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Daft-Punk-He...gAAOxyVaBS0dBp to be sure put extra 40 so around 240 + and 160= $400 + 25 shiping and handling so your cost is around $430 I coudn't find a lower model for Thomas and if u have a white outfits u can be like Thomas and Guy-Manuel at the grammy's no extra money on chrome! If u can't fit that then you might have a issue that's the best I could recommend.

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    Re: Chroming??

    Volpin's method will cost far, and beyond more than just getting two casts, cleaning them up and plating them. That budget covers a decent cast, and a little spare change. Artyom has some affordable kits. But, it be enough to do Guy, or Thomas, not both.

    Another idea is doing the Encore version, that is matte black with red EL wire. That's the only thing I can think of that's even close to $300.

    Someone made cardboard templates (french blog I think), and printed on A13 paper. You could do cardboard Daft Punk, complete with gloves. Pep is the cheapest replica route, but you're better buying casts, and spray painting them.

    Daft Punk is a really pricey costume. My "cheapest" RAM version of them is a black tie tuxedo, helmet and gloves. Even that cost $1,800 bucks all said and done. Plating alone is $900 of that.
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