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    Found Some Info For The "Tour Dates" Section Of TDC

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    Hey, i have found a bit of info for the "Tour Dates" section:
    18 January Unknown Hanley (UK)
    Is actually Daft Punk Live @ The Saw Mill (

    17 August V97 Festival Chelmsford (UK)
    Is also,16 August, V97 Festival, Leeds (UK), as they played 2 sets during that festival (

    06 November Astoria (USA)
    Is actually UK, not USA (

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    Re: Found Some Info For The "Tour Dates" Section Of TDC

    I did something similar in Daft Punk-Anthology,

    In the "instruments" section, it doesn't say nothing about One More Time drums, i sent a mail saying to them (to the page) if they can put they used a 909. I heard a 909 in the One More Time Club mix.

    buen thread xschalao

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