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    Longtime lurker finally joined up!

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    Bonjour tous!

    So after about 7 odd years lurking on the forum i've finally gone and signed up and figured i'd better come in here and say hello

    So... "Hello"

    Always been impressed by the helmet builds on here and have always been very jealous. Started my first build back in 2008 but soon realised i was no prop maker. So shelved the idea until now.

    Why now? Well, The good lady and I are expecting twins, so what better decoration for their nursery than a Thomas and Guy helmet

    I've just bought myself a FireWire Bangalter V2 so will be slowly getting this put together for a display piece, Guy-Man to follow later down the line.

    I shouldn't be asking too many n00by questions as i know the forums inside out (pretty much) but if i do, please be nice and point me in the right directions!

    Anyways - ta ra for now


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    Re: Longtime lurker finally joined up!

    Welcome to the club! I myself am a long time forumm user, but got locked out of my account a long time ago. I hope you have fun here! The forums are definitely more interesting when you can interact with other people!

    See you around!
    ~ Alive 2017

    It's amazing what you find face to face.

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    Re: Longtime lurker finally joined up!

    Welcome dude. I'm kinda sorta new myself.

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