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    I believe I've found the original inspiration for 'Something About Us'

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    Booker T's "I Want You"

    The first thing that caught my attention was the bassline. It's mixed low so you really have to listen close, but it's the same if not very similar progression.

    The drums are basically the same. The kick and hi hat pattern are very similar, and Daft Punk even uses the same snare (although they don't layer it with a tambourine like in this song).

    The guitar plucks are also there, and while the melody is different and Daft Punk applied some additional processing, you can see the obvious similarities.

    The chords are also similar. While Daft Punk uses a piano and this song uses a string section. The real similarities in the chords are in the lower strings, which are also very hard to hear, the higher string part is mixed louder and is hard to ignore.

    The electric paino solos are there as well.

    Lastly, the songs are very similar in overall tone and message. While Daft Punk wrote their own lyrics and melody for the vocals, they are both love songs.

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    Re: I believe I've found the original inspiration for 'Something About


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    Re: I believe I've found the original inspiration for 'Something About

    Its probably not, in my opinion they sound like two different songs. The points u made are not similar regardless. But they are both good songs.

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