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    Daft Punk: Guy-Manuel helmet | GM01 Finally Finished

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    Hi The Daft Club.

    I'm a long time visitor and avid reader of the forum. My name is Mike, aka Future Guy Mike. I'm 26 years old and, as long as i can remember, i'm a Daft Punk fan. When i was 8 years old, my father had a huge club and i used to spend some afternoons there while the staff was preparing the night show. The Dj there was allways including Daft Punk in every set and i remember how i was mesmerized by the covers artwork and the music they were producing in the Homework/Discovery era.

    Two years ago, and after finishing my artistic studies, almost 20 years after discovering Daft Punk, i decided to team up with my uncle George to build something really special: A handmade unit as close as possible to the real robot that the original helmets were just pretending to be.

    This is the result:

    Special Helmet Features:
    - Grade A mirror surface in the chrome. Huge attention to the surfaces geometry
    - No flat surfaces. Every one of them has a slight curvature, so the chorme reflects properly
    - Complete modular system. Srew/unscrew for deatatching every part, easy replacement
    - Curved LED diffusers. Instead of flat acrylic pannels, a curved chassis follows the visor curvature
    - The right scale. Enough space for the head and electronics, without looking like a bubble-head
    - Strong and durable materials. Tested durability along the time

    Special Electronics features:
    - Complete full RGB lighting. 210 smd RGB
    - No cheap wire soldering. Each panel has a custom housing PCB for safe and durable solderings
    - ARM Cortex M4 Teensy 3.2 processor. Tiny and powerful processor
    - WiFi NodeMCU. Allows WiFi interaction with the unit
    - Accelerometer. Allows motion interaction with the unit
    - Internal Microphone and Line input. Allows the unit to interact with music or sound
    - USB and SD Card slot. Makes easier to add LED choreographies or update the firmware
    - MIDI support. Makes easier to add more LED choreographies without programming knowledge via MIDI
    - Custom MIDI Library. Plug and play with the common music production softwares
    - Custom chromatic library. Absolute control of the colors, saturation, brightness and timing for pure colors
    - Internal LCD Screen. 2 inch LCD displays the menu of the firmware. Scrollable with the right ear control knob
    - Internal Fans. 2 fans placed on the jaw allows a cool breathing of the user
    - Long-lasting autonomy. Powered by the 14 Amps LoveProps gauntlet, more than 5 hours of autonomy
    - User Guide and Technical Guide (being written). For debugging and easy repairing

    All the features listed below make this unit more than a helmet. The right concept would be an interactive light instrument. An easy to play and fully customizable device for composing music for the eyes. Everything housed on a, one-of-a-kind, high quality replica of the iconic Guy Manuel helmet, paying special attention to the geometry and curve lines.

    The unit shown in the pictures is the first unit to be ever finished. Fully tested and with firmware 1.0, wich includes fully functional features except the accelerometer (still code left to include) and the WiFi service (Beta Code), but the hardware is actually included on the unit for supporting future firmware updates.

    Recently, we created a website ( ) to show off our finished projects, technical information, creation processes (blog), future projects, workshop tips, schematics,...etc. There is still a lot of content and work to be done in the website (grammar corrections too, because English is not my native language), but by now, i hope it works well as a showcase of what we, me and my uncle, do with Love.

    I'm actually excited to finally drop the helmet in the forum so you guys can review it. I'm a daily visitor and the tips the community shares helped me through the building process on a everyday basis, so thank you! And also thanks for checking me out and i will be glad to reply to any your comments.

    Watch the helmet in action:

    Watch the picture gallery at:

    Read the whole creation process at:

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    Re: Daft Punk: Guy-Manuel helmet | GM01 Finally Finished

    I want it so much

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    Re: Daft Punk: Guy-Manuel helmet | GM01 Finally Finished

    Those photos are breathtaking.. Maybe even looks better than the real thing!

    Wee Waa
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