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    31 Unofficial Daft Punk Remixes that DON'T suck

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    As we all know, not just anyone can effectively remix a Daft Punk song, Many try & many fail. but every once in a while you find a gem.Here is a collection of the gems i've collected so far, a compiled a list of all my favorite unofficial daft punk remixes with youtube links.


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    Re: 31 Unofficial Daft Punk Remixes that DON'T suck

    There's a lot more than that to be honest. Let's not forget "Da Chip" remixes. Good to see that a lot of remixes from "Re-Discovery" are here. I still have that album on both of my phones, though It's been years since I listened to that album for the last time, let alone Discovery itself. I feel like I need to take another step back...

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    Re: 31 Unofficial Daft Punk Remixes that DON'T suck

    You should hear Revolution 909 rework by DATA PUNK. I sampled their version for a revolution 909 remix for my Highschool dance.
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