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    Thomas LED help... newbie

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    Hi, I have built a film spec Boba Fett & now fancy a go at a play with Thomas & his GORT helmet.

    I'm not great with electronics & have a very limited budget with Fett costing me the same as my bloomin car.

    I have ordered a cheap chromed Papakura Helmet just for a mess around with & plan to put 2x sets of 3xAAA battery powered red fairy lights into the visor. I suspect the visor will come with a solid visor with a few slots in it & was thinking I may chop a No5 Welding plastic safety visor to replace it - another option is to use clear & maybe use car window tint film as the welding glass may soak up too much LED light. (I have the No5 welding lens in my Boba Fett helmet)

    Any suggestions would be great...

    I am thinking on maybe just putting an LED strip across the top & one across the bottom, this will allow me to hot glue the wires away from the lens leaving me a bit of vision through the middle (loads more vision than the real LED panels no doubt)

    If it goes down well & I enjoy it I may upgrade to a cast hemet etc. - I also need to persuade somebody to play Guy too & make his helmet as one robot at a Con won't have the same effect.

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    Re: Thomas LED help... newbie

    As far as replacing the plastic visor, I recommend using a piece of PETG and tinting it like this:
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