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    I made this EP inspired by Daft Punk

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    OB99 Here!

    I've been working on this since last year, it was waiting on one folder on my PC so i decided to finish it. The Grammy performance of this year inspired me a lot. I hope you like it!


    Enjoy If you liked it, please tell me what do you think, you're free to comment & share!

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    Re: I made this EP inspired by Daft Punk

    I really like your music style! Listening to your EP, it's clear you have fantastic potential. I especially liked 'Dirty Breakdown' - you've experimented with a variety of sounds in this track and it all comes together really well, plus it's full of energy, very good! 'Apex Master' has a very catchy funky sound.

    You should consider creating an album, if this EP is anything to go by. Excellent work!

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