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    Whats your opinion on music made badly on purpose?

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    It's a decent tool used in Lo-Fi Hip Hop (Or any Lo-Fi sub genre in general) it provides a nice and interesting experience, however it still must be mastered properly, making lo-fi music shouldn't be an excuse not to EQ or sort out clipping issues. Adding faux vinyl crackle is fine as long it is padded into the track nicely.

    In a comedic sense it is alright for a throwaway YouTube video but a song made badly on purpose getting serious attention is ridiculous, or even worse an artist making a track that isn't mixed or mastered properly serious. It annoys me with songs like Animals by Martin Garrix getting lots of attention even though he outright said that he doesn't put effects on the master output which is a terrible idea as mastering and mixing will be a pain in the Richard to deal with.

    Comedic songs in general is not a fave of mine (however I do appreciate Weird Al) because it's comedy usually stems from the lyrics. I believe that music without lyrics is better (and I don't hate lyrics, by the way) because it forces the producer to make it more interesting and experiment, people like Jean - Michel Jarre are fantastic examples of throwing away the cliche of lyrics (this was way back in the 1970's where lyrics was a standard in music), it made a marvellous album that changed music forever. (Lyrics are a standard today however more instrumental tracks are getting mainstream attention, Skrillex, some Deadmau5 songs etc.)

    Artists like Burial are a perfect example of my point in the top paragraph. He still adds detail to his music whilst making it a low fidelity sound, which is also detailed. He properly mastered the songs but adds faux vinyl crackle and EQs the vocals and synths in such a way where it sounds good on a Hi-Fi but also has a Lo-Fi sound.

    What's your opinion?
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    Re: Whats your opinion on music made badly on purpose?

    I'm sure Martin Garrix's tracks are mastered before release. There is a video where he discloses that he doesn't put effects on the master channel during production of a track, which is pretty normal

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