Finally I post something related to my DJ set I've been talking about for the past year. Im still not done but I decided to post the first 10+ Minutes of my set.

Note: Audacity decided to make the tracks mono instead of stereo for some odd reason. This has since been fixed but I will not remove this. I will post everything at the same time in stereo once I'm done.

The tracks are listed in order:
Daftendirekt Intro
Fatboy Slim - Ya mama
Chemical Brothers - Loops of fury/Breaking up (best part of)
Prescription Beats (live remake)

And speaking of the brothers, the reason for my absence is that I've recently joined the Chem Base and been there for the past month.
Seeing (no disrespect) how dead the DP Fanbase has become, I have moved to the ChemBase and post more frequently there. It doesn't mean I'm leaving for good, it just means I'll be there more than I will be here.