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    My Daft Punk Jacket is up for sale (the black leather one)

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    Yo guys, long time no talk, haha.......

    (skip this part if you're not an old school Daft Clubber)
    Seriously, it's been forever, and lots has changed in my life. I'll make another thread about that, and we'll see who remembers me lol. Anyways, I'm finishing my last year at the University, majoring in Music Industry Business, and one of my classes is requiring me to sell stuff on different online platforms like Ebay, Amazon, FB Marketplace, etc... and Etsy... I thought I would sell my Daft Punk jacket on Etsy!

    It was just collecting dust in my closet anyway. I made it using an outline that someone had posted here of the Daft Punk logo with the lights, so it's positioned just like that, but with metal studs. Ehh, you'll see it. Anyways, the link is here if anyone is interested:



    It's a size Small Men's jacket, but it feels oversized.

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    Re: My Daft Punk Jacket is up for sale (the black leather one)

    That's a decent price!

    Might want to include your measurements, or a link to the original jacket's info.
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