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    Heyo. I'm selling a set of S.H Figurarts Daft Punk

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    Hey there,

    Haven't logged on in awhile. TDC always in my heart tho because I thought I should see if there was any interest in these figures here before possibly trying eBay, after over 8 years of inactivity. props to this forum and its staying power.

    All still in mint condition, boxes unopened with just a few scrapes and flexy bits from moving with me all over the PNW.

    I'm down for shipping within the continental US but if you aren't state side, I'm sure we can figure something out. Going through a rough... year, honestly, and im willing to accept most offers.

    They are 6 inches tall, and dressed for the Human After All era. They have like 4 different sets of hands, each, and a lot of areas of articulation. lmk pm me or email @ for questions.

    Never sorry for Robot Rockin',

    album of pics:
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