Hey guys,
I am inkoma and I am orginal from Portugal. I current live in The Netherlands and I am a big embassador for music. I work as an Account Manager for a truss company, so connected with the music industry. I love what I do, as I can travel all around the world, and meet sales people, brand representatives and even artists. Eventhough we share a lot of time with tecnicians, we end up having the same taste for a party life. I like to drink, share experiences, and listening to music after a good and tiring show at Las Vegas, for example.
At this moment we suffer... too much. Work will end soon (I know it as a fact) and the only thing that makes me smile, is the ability to write some music. Inspired by you know who, I have some stuff on my pockets. Im a producer and audio enginner, so I am here a lot for the technical side of things, but also for the asthetics.

Cheers everyone!