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    wow i haven't been on here in maybe over 10 years lol

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    hello, i'm back here after about 10 years....
    i didn't actually think my account would work but i found myself back on this website somehow so i gave it a try and WOW it actually worked lol

    man i used to be a really really big Daft Punk fan....
    they are still a big inspiration to me, but i guess i have grown alot since i first made my account when i was about 13 years old... i am now nearly 25 years old....
    it's crazy how time flies but the love never disappears....
    i used to make house music and i really wanted to DJ, but now i have been making hip hop for just over 10 years now
    i was once a part of the Daft Punk youtube community, i used to have a whole MSN list of friends all over the world who loved Daft Punk :P

    if anyone remembers me, hello to you!!! i go by the name ThiefofBaghdad nowadays and hip hop is my life, but house is forever my roots!!! Daft Punk really opened me up to all sorts of house music!
    much love everyone
    im not sure if TOCKYN is still on this website, but hey TOCKYN!!!!! ok bye for now

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    Re: wow i haven't been on here in maybe over 10 years lol

    Oh hey, I remember you. A big shoutout to you.

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