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    Re: I Was There!!! - The Official Attendance Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToMo View Post
    dont know what to say
    Stop referring to yourself in 3rd person goddarn you.

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    Re: I Was There!!! - The Official Attendance Thread

    Stay on topic.
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    Re: I Was There!!! - The Official Attendance Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Daft Knight of the Roulé View Post
    I Went to:
    - Tribal Gathering 1996
    - Sonar Festival 1997
    - Aqualung 1997
    - Zeleste 1997
    - El Divino 2000

    i can remember the first time i went to the uk, i had been planing it for months, and when i found out that Black Grape were playing there, i had to go. Luckily i got one of the few remainig tickets that were on sale. So when i went, it was amazing, i watched Black Grape and after that the guy said something like "Are you guys alright? Tribal Gathering would like to welcome a special act all the way from Paris, of the Soma record label, here they are,Daft Punk" and as soon as they played Daftendirekt, i had to stay and listen, there beats were so fresh, so raw and jucy, and when they played Da Funk,i thought "Thats it, these guys are amazing" and yeah, thats where i get my love of Daft Punk songs. The other sets i went to were all similar, i was on a trip with some friends to Madrid, and heard that Daft Punk were playing, so i had to get tickets, and luckily i got two tickets for the price of one, so i decided to take my crush at the time with me to the Sonar Festival. I can remember that my crush got really bored, i kept telling her that i was not leaving untill i heard Daft Punk play, then a few hours passed and then Daft Punk played, but when they started playing they sounded nothing like when i saw them at Tribal Gathering, the music sounded like it was on steroids, it was so much better then last time, my crush liked them so much, she said if they play again in Spain she would like to go. And a few months passed, i found out that Daft Punk were playing in both Madrid & Barcelona, when i heard, i started saving up all of my money just so i could go to them, the tickets were really expensive (50000 pesetas) so i rang up my crush and said i got her tickets to see Daft Punk live again, she was so happy. So we went up to Madrid on the train, and went to that concert, it was kind of the same of the previous one, but still sounded fantastic, i didnt have enough money to afford a hotel that night so we had to stay up all night, earlier the next day we went on the train to Barcelona to watch them yet again, even though they sounded exactly the same as the last set, we still enjoyed it. So 4 or so years passed, and i was told that Daft Punk were playing in Ibiza, i just had to go, but the tickets were way to expensive (70000 pesetas for one ticket) so in the end i had to sell my TV and Hi-Fi to afford tickets, it was kinda becoming like a drug, i just had to see them live One More Time (See what i did there). So it was the day before the concert, and i found out that DJ Sneak was going to be there to, i was so exited. So when they started playing, it was not the same as last time, it was not all Daft Punk music like last time, but it was ok. And yeah, thats the story of how i got in to Daft Punk and stuff
    BS. You're 15, and to further prove this your comment(s) on Artzie's YouTube account are toxic, calling out Tendencies' "Don't Tell me" in the most obnoxious manner for containing a sample that actually tops the artist you reference, and doesn't sound anything like who you're referring to.

    Why you would you go as far as pasting the above is beyond me. But judging by your age, I shouldn't be surprised.

    I'd mod your post if I could. TDC is built on credibility. And this is something you're obviously not adhering to.

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