which is better?

my opinion is that waves vol 1 had alot more releases to play with than vol 2.
vol 1 has Sedat which is amazing and the Buffalo Bunch who also are amazing. vol 1 just seems to be a thick and fast mix by guy man and rico some songs only get 2 mins of play time and the average play time is about 3-4 mins
vol 1 consists of CRYDA 001 - CRYDA 013

vol 2 has only got CRYDA 014 - CRYDA 019 to mix and any stuff from before that that didn't make it onto vol 1. though the mix is to just as high a standard Archigram are forced to let some songs play for a very long time and it just makes the album sound stringed out some songs get 6:30 play lengths which detracts you from the mix just because you hear the full song.

the best way to look at it is as a single album because the ends fade into each other with the wave noise nicely next 3 hour car journey i go on i know whats playing on the radio

Vol 1 > Vol 2