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    How to get your project supported by us and listed here.

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    There are two ways to get your project off the ground and have it listed in this section and supported by The Daft Club.

    Existing Projects
    If your project has already begun and you have a topic posted elsewhere on the site please send a PM to a member of the Daft Team with the following information (copy and paste this text and fill in the details if you like):
    -Name of your project
    -Details. Including the idea behind it and what you hope to achieve by the end.
    -Progress. How many people are on board and how far through the project you are (roughly)
    -Link to existing forum topic. (If your project is accepted this topic will be moved into the 'Project' subforum).
    -Any other links, maybe if you have an external site set up.
    -Username of the leader. This is for contact purposes so we can ask any questions if needed

    New Projects you wish to start up
    The best thing to do would be to start a topic in another section of the site (making sure it's relevant of course), and try and get some other members on board first. Once this is done you can send a PM like the one stated above. You are welcome to pitch ideas for new projects to us before you start work of course, but those that have had some discussion with other members tend to have a more formulated idea of what's going to be done.

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    Let us make this forum and site the greatest in the world, let alone for Daft Punk (which I believe we already are because FTF is less focused).
    Also I am drowning in the worry and work of exams at the moment, so this is a plea that when you PM a member about stuff, if it's big maybe don't ask me until say 10th of june or so..?

    Three cheers for The Daft Club! (don't post cheers!)

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    Re: How to get your project supported by us and listed here.

    Version with saxophone for the song "Get Lucky" by "Daft Punk"!

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