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25th Feb 2020
11:05 iamthomasreynolds achieved Daftendirekt

24th Feb 2020
21:15 firewire achieved Something About Us
21:15 firewire achieved Daft Club Veteran
21:15 firewire achieved Face to Face

22nd Feb 2020
23:08 slanger achieved Steam Machine
23:08 slanger achieved Daft Club Veteran

18th Feb 2020
04:08 Rimski achieved Something About Us

17th Feb 2020
04:03 veridis1 achieved Daftendirekt

16th Feb 2020
20:10 dearpeasant achieved Daftendirekt

15th Feb 2020
10:00 cylee77 achieved Daft Club Veteran
10:00 cylee77 achieved Alive

12th Feb 2020
15:35 Dr34 achieved Daftendirekt

11th Feb 2020
12:35 MicroPunk achieved Newbie
12:35 MicroPunk achieved Alive

10th Feb 2020
16:04 alcapone_dudu achieved Something About Us
00:09 WegaProps achieved Daftendirekt

8th Feb 2020
19:11 gabrie398 achieved Something About Us
19:11 gabrie398 achieved Alive

4th Feb 2020
18:04 maxdamage4 achieved Something About Us
18:04 maxdamage4 achieved Daft Club Veteran

31st Jan 2020
18:00 Powerguy achieved Something About Us
18:00 Powerguy achieved Daft Club Veteran

30th Jan 2020
01:16 HunterTech achieved Daft Club Veteran

29th Jan 2020
03:45 PatrikB achieved Something About Us

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